This year we will be holding Field Day at two sites, below is information of each site. We encourage our club members to participate at each site. Each site needs members to help with the event, so please contact us to sign up!!

SITE # 1:

New for this year is the event at Patton Hospital where the clubhouse is located. We will be setting up stations outside and have information for the community and Patton employees available inside the clubhouse. 

Stations will setup and operate on Saturday June 22, 2019 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (+/-). Stop by and operate and help the club show off for the Patton employees. 

This site will using the callsign of K6PSH

Anyone interested in participating at this site, please contact Jeff at w6jjr@w6jbt.org. 


SITE # 2:

Held at Breezy Point in Cedarpines Park in the San Bernardino mountains.  This is the same site we’ve used for the past couple years. We will have stations setup for members to use along with any visitors that show up. Setup is on Friday June 21 after about 12:00 pm and will work throughout the weekend. Tear down is on Sunday after 11:00 am.

This site will using the callsign of W6JBT

Anyone interested in participating at this site, please contact Charlie at w6cjl@w6jbt.org. 



The following are driving instructions as given by our Site Host:

  • If you use GPS, Use the address 22354 Mojave River Road, Cedarpines Park, CA 92322.
  • Coming from San Bernardino, CAhead up Waterman Avenue heading NorthNorth of 40th street Waterman Avenue becomes Hwy 18, a 2-lane Hwy each way with center guard rails. Continue up Hwy 18 to the Crestline Cut-off  If you go straight here it takes you to Arrowhead.
  • Follow the Crestline Cut-offaround to “Top Town” Stop sign at Crest Forest. This is actually a 5-way intersection. You are at a Stop sign, traffic to your Left and Right has a Stop sign but oncoming traffic from two street feed points does not have to Stop. Please look at least 3-times!
  • Turn Lefton to Crest Forest. Follow Crest ForestDO NOT GET OFF CREST FOREST.
  • You will drop down into the town of Cedarpines Park. There will be Cedarpines Park Water Company, a small Fire House and theVFW on your left. Keep going forward. Ahead you will see a “Y” intersection.
  • Follow Crest Forestback up the hill, bearing left at the “Y up the hill.
  • Follow Crest Forestback up the hill to Mojave River RoadGo Right.
  • Mojave River Roadwill fork off half way down …. STAY TO THE RIGHT. Do not go straight.
  • You will run out of houses and as you go through the National Forest, you are not lost. Keep going.
  • Once you start coming back to homes, Just Stay Straight.  As the road curves to the Left, you will see a Big Pavilionin front of you.

updated: 4/17/2019