As you may have heard, we have a few nets on our two meter repeater and below is information about each of them. Each net is interactive and welcomes visitors. For those that are new to ham radio, this is a good place to get started talking on the radio.

CBARC’S  TWO METER REPEATER: 146.850 (-) 146.2 PL.


Each Weekday 7:00 to 7:45 am (+/-)

The Tech Net is designed to talk about ham radio in general by bringing up a different subject each day. From common questions to technical issues all avenues of ham radio are covered. Visitors are welcome to join in and ask questions and provide answers too.  From radios to antennas for all modes are covered and explored. This is a great way to increase your ham radio knowledge and explore new areas of the hobby.

Contact: Chet Olson, AE6CO at for more information



Each Tuesday Night 6:30 to 7:30 pm

The purpose of this Net is to promote efficient emergency communications, inform San Bernardino City Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members, and other local amateur radio operators, about local and regional activities, and to provide training in a formal Net.  Our primary audience is the members of the San Bernardino City Community Emergency Response Team. However, all licensed amateur radio operators are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  The Net consists of a ‘formal’ check in and announcement section, followed by an ‘informal’ discussion section where various emergency preparedness and emergency communications topics are discussed. For more information, please join us on the net.

Contact:  Matt Lovell, KM6LSV at or for general information or

San Bernardino City CERT email at



Each Tuesday Night 7:45 to 8:30 pm.

MAARC was formed back in August 2013 by Eddie Lair (KK6EKF) as a community of Ham Radio operators that want to be able to communicate with each other. When they originally formed their Net conducted initial check-in’s primarily via a simplex frequency enhanced by local repeaters. Now the MAARC Community uses our 2 meter repeater each Tuesday with check-in’s starting at 1945 hours. From time-to-time they practice switching over to simplex (145.555) to check line-of-sight communications between mountain people and those in the valley.
Everyone is welcome to join us, Eddie always adds “… we are not a club just a radio community … !” We are social in nature but feel a need for the ability to be able to connect in the event of an emergency or disaster without the formality of a structured club or organization.  ” … We in no way wish to conflict with any of those groups, only enhance the ham community.”
The MAARC Net Control rotates within the Community Operators and topics of discussion are varied according to that nights Net Control interests and/or topics of interest that operators checking-in offer for discussions. There is a bi-weekly breakfast at the The Bear House Family Restaurant located in Top Town Crestline and often Mountain folks as well people from the Valley join them.

Contact: Rick Dinon, KK6TJW
Chet Olsen, AE6CO



Tuesday at 12:00 pm until 12:30 pm.

The Ham for Lunch net meets every Tuesday at 12 noon.  Net Control will bring a topic for the day, sometimes we rag chew, and other times the callers bring-in the subject of discussion. So whether you’re on your lunch break, on a day off, or retired; come and enjoy the Net.
Very helpful net by getting those that are new to ham radio on the air and  involved in net training.

CONTACT: Michael Oliver, AE6MO at or Ed Clark, KM6UWI at


updated 10/29/2019