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Ben Cottman, W6COT has the following for sale:

Diamond CP610 antenna, like new condition, only used about 2 months. Also seems to work well on 20m.

Great antenna. I just don’t need and offering a deal on it. Bought in Oct 2020 and since changed to folded dipole.

Asking $175.00

If interested: Please contact him by email at

Here is some info:

    CP610 6m Antenna

Specifications: Frequency: 6m/10m Power: 500 watts SSB, 200 watts FM Gain: 5.5 dB/3.4 dB Impedance (output): 50 ohms VSWR: 1.8:1 (Nominal) Element Phasing: 2-5/8 wave/1-5/8 wave Max Wind Rating: 80 mph (no ice) Mast Diameter Acceptance: 1.2″ – 2.4″ Overall Length: 22′ (6.7m) Connector: SO239 female UHF


ALL transactions must be made between seller and buyer. Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club is not responsible for any sale transactions, condition or working order of all items sold or traded.

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