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Repeater and Echolink information

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Persons with Disabilities 

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Clubhouse location and Patton rules

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CBARC has two repeaters serving Southern California along with Echolink on the two meter side.

2-Meter: 146.850 p/l 146.2 (-) offset

220 mhz: 224.860  p/l 77.0 (-) offset

Echolink: w6jbt-r ( if you have issues, please contact CBARC President: Jeff Richardson at

Repeater donations are gladly accepted



Any organization or group wishing to use either Crestline Repeaters shown above for any “net” operations, drills, exercises or any other type of  formal or informal usage must have prior written approval of use authorized by the Board of Directors of Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club.


After earthquakes or any disaster in our area, please DO NOT use either repeater for one hour after these events. We ask that the repeaters are left open during that time for any emergency traffic. You may check in, however do not conduct general traffic until repeater has been cleared. We appreciate your attention with this.


The following is NOT allowed on either CBARC repeaters. 

       * Politics of any kind

       * Music of any type including singing, or background music

       * Use of profanity of any kind as our repeaters are family friendly. 

       * Dead carriers, continual key-ups. ALL key-ups such as checking for           radio/repeater signal must be followed by the use of your legal callsign  as shown in the FCC rules.

       * Anything that goes against FCC Part 97

       * Anyone found to be violating above rules will be banned from using the repeaters and/or the FCC will be contacted accordingly. 


Membership Application Form and Member Dues Information:


Club Member Dues Information: We have changed the way we collect dues. Starting July 1, 2019 ALL members dues are to be paid for the 2019 calendar year. Each July 1, members’ dues will be requested for that year. In the past the dues collected from each member was collected based on their date they joined the club. To simplify this process, we are going to collect the dues in the month of July from all members. They are due, July 1 and late after July 31 of each year. New members will have their dues pro-rated by the yearly quarter they join. Dues notices will NOT be mailed or sent out. This serves as your notice of dues to be collected. 

When renewing your dues, please fill out a new application form and include it with your payment, as we want to make sure we have the current information of the membership. Stop by the club to pick up an application or you can use the link below. The link will allow you to fill out the form, then you can print prior to dropping it off at the club or mailing it.

***Click Here for Membership .PDF Application***


Mailing Address:

Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club

PO Box 3788

San Bernardino, CA 92413

Persons with Disabilities

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club is now offering free membership to people who have disabilities which effectively prevent them from participating in amateur radio activities. Such disabilities include blindness, deafness, and limited mobility. The purpose is to allow folks with disabilities to access the resources offered by a service club such as CBARC, whether it be help studying for taking an exam for a license, help obtaining appropriate radio equipment, help installing a station, antenna, or some device or program someone might need in order to operate.

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors will evaluate each request for membership and assistance as requested in order to provide such assistance in an appropriate and timely manner. All people interested in amateur radio are welcome at all club activities regardless of age, race, gender, ability, or any other factor.

A written letter must be submitted to the Board with the explanation of the persons disability, needs etc. Once the Board reviews the letter, they will contact the applicant for either more information or approval/disapproval of membership.


The Clubhouse is located on the grounds of:

Patton State Hospital

(Read Patton Rules, then scroll down for address and a map)

Patton Rules:

Since C-BAR-C is located at a California State facility, the following are prohibited:



Tobacco products


Khaki colored clothing

If you have questions, please click here

 Patton State Hospital

Staff Development Center

3102 E. Highland Avenue

Highland, CA

(909) 425-7275 (This number is only answered when CBARC personnel are at the club facility, use email addresses below for questions)

patton patton zoom out

Board of Directors:


Jeff Richardson, W6JJR


Moe DeLeon, KK7KC



Desiree Mendoza, KN6EQD



Kris Torrey, N3FH


Moe DeLeon, KK7KC



Josh Richardson, W6JRI



Jon Montgomery, K6FZZ







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