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                                   2018 FIELD DAY 

                    About the 2018 CBARC Field Day site

  • RV Parking
  • Tent Camp and Tent Trailer locations
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restroom – Porta Potty
  • Lots of trees well spaced to run antennas!!!

A covered Pavilion for community meals and hanging out

Those CBARC Members, Non-Members, Guests and Anyone interested in joining us at our Field Day 2018 site weekend activities we Welcome YOU to join us for a day and/or plan to stay the weekend. Ham Radio License or not, you can work the Air Waves, learn something about amateur radio, join us for dinner and stay the night!!!

If you have the time & interest and are planning to join us for any or all of our fun and festivities, The weekend is Free to All


Friday June 22, 2018

Friday night group dinner; the Annual CBARC BBQ 1700-hours – Annual CBARC Cook-out BBQ, main course and all the fixin’s included! – Free to ALL – Please RSVP to Jim Eason,  ad6ij@netzero.com

Camping – RV parking is available and there is Tent Camping spots.

Saturday June 23, 2018 – 24-hour Field Day operation Starts at 1000-hours (local).

Dinner: Will be at about 1700-hours – Main course and all the fixin’s included!

Sunday June 24, 2018 – 24-hour Field Day operation Ends at 1000-hours (local). Station tear-down. Everyone present helps break camp and return site to the way it was when we arrived on Friday.

For breakfast Saturday and Sunday, left over’s are shared as available but, you should Plan daily meals or special diet requirements other then the dinners discussed on your own.

Cooking Facilities will be Available

This site is on Private Property. The owners are very friendly and as long time “mountain people” totally understand what we do in support of emergency communications; whether real world and/or simulating emergency operating conditions.

There is plenty of tent camping space for tent campers. Generators will be onsite for power and lighting as required and picnic tables. Parking for overnight RV’s is available. Dogs permitted; but must be leased or within your tent or RV. Critters usually stay clear; but we are in Nature where they live! Temperatures can range from 55 to 75, lower or higher depending on sun and wind conditions; so, plan clothing for a range of temperatures, a hat, sun screen and insect repellent recommended.

A Porta-Potty will be on site 

Directions to the CBARC Field Day 2018 Site @ Breezy Point

GPS address: 22354 Mojave River Road, Cedarpines Park, CA 92322

5,200-feet elevation open view nearly 360-degree

Google Maps Link:    https://goo.gl/maps/FpnCJ 

The following are driving instructions as given by our Site Host:

  • If you use GPS, Use the address 22354 Mojave River Road, Cedarpines Park, CA 92322.
  • Coming from San Bernardino, CA head up Waterman Avenue heading North. North of 40th street Waterman Avenue becomes Hwy 18, a 2-lane Hwy each way with center guard rails. Continue up Hwy 18 to the Crestline Cut-off exit. If you go straight here it takes you to Arrowhead.
  • Follow the Crestline Cut-off around to “Top Town” Stop sign at Crest Forest. This is actually a 5-way intersection. You are at a Stop sign, traffic to your Left and Right has a Stop sign but oncoming traffic from two street feed points does not have to Stop. Please look at least 3-times!
  • Turn Left on to Crest Forest. Follow Crest Forest, DO NOT GET OFF CREST FOREST.
  • You will drop down into the town of Cedarpines Park. There will be Cedarpines Park Water Company, a small Fire House and the VFW on your left. Keep going forward. Ahead you will see a “Y” intersection.
  • Follow Crest Forest back up the hill, bearing left at the “Y up the hill.
  • Follow Crest Forest back up the hill to Mojave River Road. Go Right.
  • Mojave River Road will fork off half way down …. STAY TO THE RIGHT. Do not go straight.
  • You will run out of houses and as you go through the National Forest, you are not lost. Keep going.
  • Once you start coming back to homes, Just Stay Straight.  As the road curves to the Left, you will see a Big Pavilion in front of you.

                                               You have arrived!

PLEASE NOTE ABOUT THE DIRECTIONS: This is the way mountain people give directions; we left out the “green houses on the left”  or “duck shaped rock” reference markers! 😉

Contacts and talk in frequencies:

Once you decide your plans please follow this link:


 or if you have questions contact:  

Jim Eason (AD6IJ) ad6ij@netzero.com (909) 240-9403 mobile  

Talk in  Frequencies:

CBARC (W6JBT) VHF (146.850 p/l 146.2 (-) offset) repeater

We will also monitor the National Simplex frequency that might work as you get in closer: VHF 146.52

Mobile phone coverage is good.

Mobile Phone contact: Jim Eason (909) 240-9403

or Charlie Laudan (909) 754-1607

Hey it’s “Field Day” simulating Emergency Communications & Conditions

We Adapt!!!


       We now have ECHOLINK on our two meter repeater..


Please note: Echolink feature is in final testing, may not be available at all times.

If you have any questions, please contact club President Jim Eason @ ad6ij@w6jbt.org

See club information page for details

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