2015 Events



SEPTEMBER 12 – 20, 2015

This is the 16th year to relive the ride on the “Mother Road” a road that made the coast to coast travel possible.

Consisting of 20 radio clubs and mobile stations that are on or around the route.

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Event questions can be sent to: route66ota@yahoo.com

Technician Licensing Class

Our next Technician Licensing Class will be

Saturday May 9TH AND 16TH, 2015

 A General licensing class is being formed, if interested please email ad6ij@w6jbt.org

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Gordon West

 is to our guest speaker at our July 8th Meeting along with a raffle where

We will be raffling off two radios

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Field Day

June 27 – 28, 2015

CBARC will hold its annual Field Day Event at starting on Friday June 26 to Sunday June 28.

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